Merve Akın reader of Astronatal, Astrosynastry
Illustrative Photograph
Sign: Capricorn

Merve Akın


Reader was born in 1979, Ankara.. Reader says that ‘being a human is really a hard adventure and since the time I started to understand this, in order to know the stranger with in ourselves, spiritual matters started to take my attention’’.. Reader tells that Tarot is a strong friend and Tarot pulls her with a strong and deep connection..She has strong feelings coming from her birth and tarot reading also requires a strong mind and an intellect and together with these abilities she decided to walk in this path.. Reader tells that cards are her best friends and she listened to the wispers of the cards and she tried to undertand them.. she is waiting for the follower in auntybinnaz.com with her interesting comments which will leave a mark in people’s minds..

Expert Reader

Tarot Expert

Expert Reader

Cartomancy Expert


7 Year

Amazing Service Quality

Amazing Quality


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